Mental Constructs

Mind Bender: Ron Price

Friday - Aug 11th

7:00 pm

Mental constructs are the framework which all thoughts are processed. It is the infrastructure your mind flow though establishing how you think and how you respond to those thoughts. Mental constructs regulates which mental filter your soul will access. This determines our perceptions, understanding and expressions. Mental Constructs are the nucleus of how we think.

Conspiracy Of The Mind

Mind Bender: Dr. Larry Hill

Saturday - Aug 12th

3:00 pm

Conspiracy of the mind is a phrase used to identify the process experienced by those who's thought programming encounters a different system of thought that challenges what has been established within their mental constructs as truth. This encounter called Cognitive Dissonance conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values creating mental stress. Attention must be given to the mental stress before it produces a skillful devised scheme that will disrupt the process of change.


"Orlando Awakening"...The MindBenderz Tour!

"Positions of Exchange" June 16th-17th
House of Faith Deliverance
630 Elmeralda Dr. Suite #102
Orlando, Fl 32808

Jamaica Queens, New York
"Desiring God Conference"...June 27th-28th
House of Prayer Intl.
91-20 146 Street
Jamaica Queens, New York

Los Angles, California...The MindBenderz Tour!
"Winds of Change"...July 1st- 2nd
Venue and Times TBA

Delaware...The MindBenderz Tour!
"The Economy Of God"...July 21st-22nd
Venue and Time TBA

Chicago, Illinois...August 19th-20th
New Damascus Church
1544 West 79th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60620

Salisbury, Maryland...August 25th-26
Eastern Shore Awakening!
Repairer of the Breach and Restoration Ministries
304 Prosperity Ln.
Fruitland, Maryland 21826

Tulsa, Oklahoma...September 8th-9th
"Life & Wellness" Symposium
Venue and Time TBA

Teaneck, New Jersey ... "Women's Conference"
October 27th-28th
Venue and times TBA